The White Team has reigned over the eagles as they bagged the championship during the Intramural Meet 2019 held at the Medical Colleges of Northern Philippines – International School of Asia and the Pacific MCNP-ISAP), Alimannao Hills, Peñablanca, Cagayan, during the 21st to 23rd of October 2019. The White Panda has reigned over the Cheerdance and Basketball Men and Women Competition among the other teams, and 3rd Placer in Dance Sports Competition for Standard Category. The said team which stands for ISAP comprises of Bachelor of Science in Criminology, Bachelor of Science in Custom Administration, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Accountancy.

Other teams who participated in the event includes the Yellow Team (Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology and Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy), Blue Team (Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Pharma aide and 2 year courses), and Green Team (Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology and Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy) which belong to MCNP ; and the Red Team (Bachelor of Science in Social Work, Bachelor of Science in Education, Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, Computer Engineering and Information Technology) which represented the ISAP. The teams have competed in different fields such as Cheerdance and Dance Sports Competition, and different Board Games such as Chess and Scrabble and Indoor Games such as Badminton, Table Tennis, Volleyball and Basketball but only one have shown excellence in different sports.

The warm weather had fuelled up the battle between the different teams. It ignited the blood of a true eagle as the students have promoted bravery and camaraderie.