RT NATCON2019 is the best time of the year for the Radiologic Technology for them to gather with one spirit, meet old friends and to excel in the different activities they have prepared. College of Radiologic Technology students from Medical Colleges of Northern Philippines (MCNP) put their efforts in their respective events to show their eagerness to win not just for themselves but for the school. RT NATCON2019 was held at Crown Legacy Hotel, Baguio City last November 4-6 with the Theme: “Nurturing Skills for Academic Excellence in Radiologic Technology”. Two brave students of MCNP from the Department of Radiologic Technology was elected as new offcers of RTSLP, they were Jon Kris Renoine Ty as President a level III student and Hanie Joy Sacramento as Secretary a level II student.

They showed that they can truly create a big impact to other people through leading. They showed that they are not just only good at academics but also have the passion to lead. Mr. Ty and Ms. Sacramento just take their first step and shine among the bright stars that will inspire other Radiologic Technology Students. In addition Mr. Ty did a great job again among the highlights of the convention during the search of Mr. and Ms. NATCON2019 because he got the 2nd runner up. For the participants of Research presentation, Mr. Marven Cabalza reaped the 2nd place as an Oral Presenter while Mr. Hussein Pelagio took the 3rd place as a Poster Presenter. The victory they got really showed who they truly are.