Lyka Jenica P. Del Rosario, 20 and Breylle Angelo C. Tomas, 19 both a member of Galaw Indak Agila DANCE Troup (GIADT) joined the Philippine Dance Sport Federation, 2nd Quarterly Ranking and Competition held at Sison Auditorium, Lingayen Pangasinan last June 9, 10, and 11, 2023.

Carrying with them the name of the mighty twin institution this power duo made an exemplary performance in the dance floor as they mesmerized the judges and the crowd, raising them to their feet and brought the 6th place out of 17 contenders in Grade C Latin, 5th place out of 15 contenders in Grade D while they were also a quarter finalist in Grade B.

Amidst the challenges during rehearsal the couple worked harder and gave their all which showcased their love and passion for dancesports.

β€œTraveling from Cagayan to PANGASINAN was underrated not to mention the tiredness, the empty stomach, and the sleepy heads we had to endure yet all of those were all worth it at end. We had so much fun and we were lucky enough to experience the beauty of the province and to deal with its hospitable people.” Tomas said in a Facebook post.

The duo also expressed their gratitude to their coaches, Mr. Ian Ace S. Paraggua and Mr. Jaymark P. Flores, for their guidance all throughout their PDSF journey and for believing in their abilities and encouraging them to do their best in everything.
Lastly, it is in the passion and perseverance that we excel in the best way possible, and with that we can bring glory to the institution that we represent.

The MCNP-ISAP family take pleasure in congratulating the both of you! SWAY and SLAY Mighty Eagle Dancers!