MCNP-ISAP held its annual Campus King and Queen 2020 to celebrate MCNP’s 26th founding anniversary and ISAP’s 23rd founding anniversary at the MCNP-ISAP pool site on February 28, 2020. Ten stunning and glamorous pairs of candidates represented departments from both the MCNP and ISAP.

Sigmund Heaven Taggueg and April Rose Apil were crowned as eponymous Campus King and Queen 2020. Surviving the challenges, Taggueg from the Senior High School department took hold of the crown. Mary Rose Apil from the Red Team meanwhile took the crown for the female category. Apil also seized awards for the best evening gown. Mr. Philip Anthony Aquino from the Green Team and Ms. Angelica Paredes of the Yellow Team were the respective 1st Runners-up while Mr. John Isaac Valle, from the Yellow Team and Ms. Mecaella. Sherri Manuel from the Blue Team were the 2nd Runners-up.

Moreover, the following candidates were awarded the following minor awards:

The best in production number went to John Isaac Valle and Maria Angelica Paredes; Phillip Aquino and Maria Angelica Bangki took the awards for Mr. And Ms. Friendship; Romano Ronquillo Jr. And Mary Rose Silva Apil took hold of the people’s choice award; Romano Ronquillo Jr. And Maria Angelica Paredes captured the awards as Mr. And Ms. Bank of Commerce; while Bernanrd Niko Agudo and Mary Rose Silva Apil grabbed the awards of Best in evening gown and formal attire. Lastly Lainard Anthony Salas and Divine Alexis Lazatin bagged the award of Mr. and Ms. Photogenic.

While the tabulation of the scores of the contestants from the Q and A portion was on-going, Ryan Cruz and Vjie Matias, the 2019 Campus King and Queen made their final walk as holders of the crown, which they later bequeathed to the winners.

The pageant was not only a night of beauty and physique but the candidates were also asked to express their thoughts on particular social matters. During the preliminary round’s question and answer portion, each candidate had to pick up a hashtag and briefly explain their thoughts.

It was indeed a sizzling occasion for the mighty eagles shouting and cheering for their respective representatives. All the candidates oozed with beauty and charms with their creative fantasy attire and fashionable elegant jeans wear. The audience got even thrilled and excited as one by one candidates walked on the stage wearing their evening gowns which perfectly complimented their figures and looks.