Ehemplo-yee: Sam-one Incredible

Sir Samuel Corpuz has always been known to be an exemplary employee whose dedication and skills allowed him to be the person of inspiration that he is today. Coming from humble beginnings, Sir Sam was born in Baggao, Cagayan and finished his 1st to 4th grade elementary education at the Primary School of San Isidro but eventually graduated at San Jose Elementary School. He then finished high school at Cagayan State University and immediately started working as soon as he entered college whereas his first job was being a waiter in a Disco Club in Tuguegarao City at night while attending school in the morning. After years of hard work and determination being a working student, he graduated with the course General Radio Communication Operator, Major in Telegraphy at Ilocandia Technical School of Electronics.

Being a hard worker that he is, he immediately started working as a Head Waiter and Coordinator of reservations in one of the famous restaurants in Tuguegarao City right after finishing his two year course.  With an open mind, he was able to developed skills in restaurant management. It was also during this time when he first met Madam Wilma Guzman and family who were regular customers.

It was then in 1988 when Madam Wilma invited him to visit their Christina’s Valley Resort (now MCNP-ISAP) which was about to open. Sir Sam indeed visited the place and told Madam Wilma his desire to work there. Having known him so well, he was accepted immediately even without the usual documents needed for application. He was then assigned as the Head Waiter as soon as the resort opened and he also became responsible in recruiting waiters and staff needed. His commitment to his work allowed him to be one of the workers who were there since the opening in 1988 until its closing in 1993.

When the resort has stopped operating and the MCNP – ISAP was founded, Sir Sam continued to render his service to the institution. His first job was in a canteen particularly at a token booth where students first buy tokens in order to purchase the food and product they wanted. Unsurprisingly, he was promoted to become a Faculty Beadle from 2000-2018. His stamina in his workmanship not only was limited in the school but also was extended by being a beadle for Nurses’ on Duty on the different hospitals in Tuguegarao City where Nursing students took their RLE. Since 2019, he is the Safety and Security Officer of the twin institutions.

Surely there were times when Sir Sam was hesitant in accepting bigger roles and responsibilities. He would remember saying, “Madam, I do not have knowledge about it.”, but Madam Wilma has faith in him saying “I know kayang – kaya mo yan. You try it.” With people believing in him, Sir Sam did his best in every job that he has and kept an open mind to every opportunity. Because of this attitude, he studied the nature of his work and created his own strategies to do it until he mastered his craft.