If you’re an ISAPian or MCNPian, you would notice that this man usually wears simple togs which certainly reflect his humility. He often walks with his umbrella since he has sensitive skin or he preferably saunter in the covered walk of the school together with the students who sometimes crack jokes with him and laugh at the same time.

Without even noticing it, this man is the root of legacy – a legacy which served as catalyst of every Eagle’s success. Yes! He is the mighty Father Eagle of this two institution, International School of Asia and the Pacific and Medical Colleges of Northern Philippines – Dr. Ronald Pagela Guzman.

When he was still a child, he once dreamt of reaching triumph from an indigent family. He used to experience sudden falls. But coming from a poor household is not an issue for him. Together with his dreams, he boldly faced challenges that life has to offer. And now, he has become the person he once dreamt to be.

Filled with a golden heart and coated with greatness. This totally defines Dr. Guzman as he continues to be part of the lives of young minds. Because of his dedication and commitment to train, equip and nurture young learners, ISAP-MCNP remain on top, proven by living testimonies of professionals who were able to be national board topnotchers in their respective field of courses.

Furthermore, he is a man of word and action. He usually defines each eagle as fierce, fearless, indomitable and uncanny. These pillars made up who he is as a leader and a father. Like a father eagle does, he has his wings wide open for assuring his eaglet’s future.

In fact, he has numbers of scholars that he supports more than financially. He opens his doors to those who are in need. He shares his nest where eagles freely dwell.

Brave as he was, he continues to conquer storms and soar higher making him one among the receivers of the province’s most distinguished award, “Dangal ng Lahing Cagayano”. Dr. Guzman was awarded as most the Most Outstanding Cagayano in the field of education on June 29, 2017 during the celebration of the 434th “Aggao Nac Cagayan”. He passed the criteria in enriching and contributing premier quality and affordable education and excellent public service in Cagayan.

“Hindi lang siya basta presidente ng paaralang pinapasukan ko, isa rin siyang amang kumakalinga at sumusuporta sa mga kagaya kong mga hikahos,” said Lovely Joy Mambasing whom is one among the beneficiaries of Dr. Guzman’s scholarship program.

“Nagpapasalamat ako dahil tinatamasa ko ngayon ang edukasyong hindi ko lubos akalaing mararanasan ko. Utang ko kay Dok ang lahat ng ito at habang buhay kong tatanawing utang na loob,” she added.

“The journey you had tranverse was likewise learning experience for all of us your administrators and teachers for it gave us an increased awareness of the importance of our commitment in educating the youth as our contribution to nation-building,” Dr. Ronald Guzman said in one of his messages to the school graduates. He, indeed is an epitome of proficiency.

A line from William Shakespeare goes this way, “All the world’s a stage; And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts.”Indeed, this man of greatness is acting a vital role in the society. Dr. Guzman, is a doctor who cures illnesses, but more than that is a doctor who cures society’s sickness through education.

His legacy will remain forever. And as we continue to study, study, study and pray, let’s all bear in mind that there was once a man, who didn’t give up on giving his beloved children the best of service he can offer. There’s no way there will be another Dr.Ronald P. Guzman. He is our FATHER EAGLE.

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