The Editorial Board of MCNP-ISAP actively participated in the 2023 Campus Journalism Convention conducted by Transforming Advocates and Champions (TRAC) via Zoom meeting with the theme, “Forging a Just and Humane Society Through Campus Journalism”

The three-day convention was studded with the best names in the country starting with Atty. Jose Manuel T. “Chel” Diokno who shared a very inspiring message about the importance of journalism in today’s generation and how it aligns with the convention’s theme.

The plenary session was established by Ms. Kara Patria C. David- Cancio, a Filipino Journalist, Host, Professor and Educational Administrator who shared her story about creating a timeless, life-changing and stories that evoke empathy more than sympathy which was followed by Prof. Abner Mercado, a Filipino journalist and documentarist, who tackled the topic on “Pamamahayag sa Filipino”.

The second day of the convention was exciting as the participants joined in various set of journalism competition, which gave them the avenue to showcase their talents in news writing, editorial writing, photojournalism, etc. In the afternoon session, delegates were enlightened by engaging keynote speeches from Ms. Jing Castaneda, a Broadcast Journalist and the former head of Bantay Bata 163 and Mr. Joe Torres, Director of the National Press Club of the Philippines as they share discussions on Visual Literacy in the Time of Fake News and Journalists & Content Creators: The Evolution of Digital Media.

The third day of the TRAC Journalism Convention 2023 was a day of celebration as the participants received their awards in the journalism convention and got to share their experiences and thoughts all throughout the convention.

The convention was attended by 34 universities and colleges all over the country, including FEU, Batanes State College, Arellano University and many more who shared common goals and advocacy – which is committing oneself in promoting and forging a just and humane society through Campus Journalism.

* some pictures were taken from TRAC‘s FB Page.