Bachelor of science in radiologic technology

Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology is a 4-yr degree program that is specialized in producing graduates who are competent in diagnostics and therapeutics and responsible for provision of quality radiograph and the use of radiation, sound waves and magnetism without sacrificing patient safety and welfare.

Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology of Medical Colleges of Northern Philippines provides student’s knowledge and skills with fully equipped functional x-ray laboratories, ultrasound rooms and skills laboratory. Students are well exposed in actual setting during the Internship training program with high-end and sophisticated affiliating hospitals at National, Cordillera Administrative Region and Local affiliations.

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The College of Radiologic Technology is widely recognized provider of high quality Radiologic Technology Education in the Philippines. All activities of the department reflect recognition of the basic dignity and rights of all the students, employees, referral sources, and the community members and in line with the institution’s vision.


The College of Radiologic Technology works to provide the country and the world with Radiologic Technologists who are scientifically competent and skilled to deliver full-scale diagnostic and therapeutic imaging services required in modern health care institutions without any reservations and in accordance with its professional ethics.

Fully equipped with Cutting-edge laboratory imaging technology

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