Bachelor of science in physical therapy

is a four - year degree program consisting of general education and professional courses. It also includes an internship program that will cater to various patient/client populations for minimum of 1500 hours.


Physical Therapy as one major component of a rehabilitation team is responsible for functional restoration of patients. Its primary concern is to promote and restore function, prevention of disability and alleviate human suffering.

To meet the objective, integrated and sequential courses of study shall be planned. Utilizing didactic instructions, laboratory practice, and clinical education with goals of:


The College of Physical Therapy is committed to:



Level I

At the end of the first year, the students should have acquired an understanding and awareness of self as an individual, as a member of family and community and world., with emphasis on the responsibilities and rights an awareness of his physical, social, spiritual, and cultural environment Specifically, at the end of the school year students will be able to: 1. Acquire a deeper understanding of him and others. 2. Identify the various roles he will play as a member of a family, community, and society at large. 3. Get more acquainted with physical, social and cultural environment. 4. Recognize his duty in improving the quality of life not only for himself but for others as well. 5. Interpret and evaluate that hears and reads, as well as express his feelings and ideas effectively both in oral and written form. 6. Acquire a broader and deeper grasp of the ordinary and the uncommon. 7. Develop a deeper awareness of rights, duties and responsibilities to his country and the world. 8. Apply the specific method whenever possible in his daily activities.

Level II

At the end of second year, the students shall have acquired:

Level III

At the end of the fourth year level, the students should have acquired skills for profession in preparation for internship rotation (Level V). The students should be able to:

Level Iv

The demand for professional health workers with accurate and scientific knowledge, effective clinical skills, compassion and affection for patient's globally comparable, call for an Internship Training Program that will:



The Department of Physical Therapy aims to provide the country with Physical Therapists who are scientifically competent and skilled to deliver full- scale rehabilitation services required in modern health care without any reservations and in accordance with its professional others.


The College of Physical Therapy is dedicated to be widely recognized provider of high quality Physical Therapy Education. In addition, it is also committed to meet the continual needs of future Physical Therapist and their staff. All activities of the department shall reflect recognition of the basic dignity and rights of all students, employees, referral sources, and community members.


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