Bachelor of science in nursing

The BSN is a four-year program consisting of general education and professional courses. Professional courses are threaded through from the first year thru the fourth year with emphasis on the nursing concepts with corresponding Related Learning Experience (RLE). The BSN program provides an intensive nursing practicum that will refine further the nursing competencies to ensure achievement of the BSN Program Outcomes required of an entry level nurse.

general science laboratory

The General Laboratory is equipped with facilities that can serve as the lecture/demonstration rooms with adequate working tables where students can work freely, effectively and efficiently in performing their experiments.

nursing skills laboratory

The College of Nursing has six (6) functional and fully equipped laboratories. The Virtual Skills Laboratory, The Nursing Skills Laboratory, Community Health Nursing Simulation Laboratory, Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory, Nutrition and Dietetics Laboratory and the Skills Laboratory Extension Facility at Dr. Ronald P. Guzman Medical Center – owned and operated by the School.

A separate amphitheater type demonstration room can accommodate faculty and students for demo and return demonstration of basic nursing procedures.

A separate amphitheater type demonstration room can accommodate faculty and students for demo and return demonstration of basic nursing procedures.

The Skills Laboratory is equipped with new high fidelity training mannequins and assessment trainers for demonstration and return demonstration purposes.

The Virtual Skills Laboratory simulates major areas in the hospital and equipped with equipment and mannequins to facilitate the development of the competencies of students in performing nursing procedures.








The Medical Colleges of Northern Philippines shall have produced globally competitive, self-reliant professional health workers and entrepreneurs, contributing to the upliftment of the quality of life & the individual, family, community and the larger society.


The mission of the Medical Colleges of Northern Philippines – College of Nursing is the holistic development of the person who is globally competent, efficient, service-oriented, God fearing health worker ready to meet the demands of life in the pursuit of his objectives in whatsoever socio-economic level he belongs, over conscious of his eternal destiny.


The Medical Colleges of Northern Philippines – College of Nursing aims to produce morally upright competent, caring, nurturing professional nurse who are contributory to the improvement of the quality of life of their clientele through the use of a working critical thinking knowledge and skills in nursing practice, communication, community research, leadership and management.


The Medical Colleges of Northern Philippines and educational institution with Christian Philosophy, believes that:

Man was created in God's image, perfect and destined for the great salvation and everlasting life with him

God has bestowed man with different gifts, potentials and abilities, which are inherently good. These gifts, which may vary from one person to another when given proper inspiration, can be developed for his own good and his fellowmen for and in the glory of God

Educational institution is Instrumental in nurturing these potentials for the realization of personal and professional goals thereby contributing to national progress and development

Man of different colors, political, religious, creed and socioeconomic status has the right to relevant, quality and accessible education

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