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Student Support Services

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Student Welfare Programs and Services

These are the basic services that are necessary to serve the needs and well-being of the students.


A set of services using an integrated approach to the development of well-functioning individuals primarily by helping them to utilize their potentials to the fullest. These include the following major services:

  1. Information and Orientation Services
  2. Career and Placement Services
  3. Individual Inventory Service
  4. Counseling Services
  5. Testing Services
  6. Research and Follow-up Services
  7. Referral


With the initiative of the Community Extension Service, and on the basis of certain guidelines, policies and requirements, students who are “poor but deserving” are recruited to be given study grants and scholarships sponsored by the school and other private entities and agencies.


This service looks into the health condition of students.  It includes physical and dental examination, medical examination / consultation daily dispensary treatment,  health education / counseling /lectures, adolescent representative, health (HIV-AIDS / STD education), pregnancy testing, safety services, vital signs taking, height and weight monitoring, hepa screening c/o Holy Infant Clinic, national voluntary blood donation c/o Cagayan Valley Medical Center blood bank, health lectures and referral to established affiliation centers. The school clinic entertains health concerns of students, faculty and staff of the school with a stand-by school ambulance to be of use for emergency purposes.  Licensed medical and dental professionals with the aid of student nurses, in rotation schedule, administer these services.


This service is provided to cater students’ physiological needs through the availability of safe and healthy food. Considering the student population, the school has provided them with four (4) canteens.   A range of dishes at affordable prices are offered to students. A glass of free mineral water is provided to students at every meal. A purified drinking fountain is made available.


This service ensures the security and safety of students while in the school premises. Infrastructures and facilities comply with government standards with well-structured electrical plans and with fire safety gadgets installed in strategic places in every building.  Perimeter fences are put up to protect students from unnecessary temptations and outsiders. Licensed and competent security personnel are also provided to further ensure their safety and security.


This service is involved in imposing sanctions to students who committed infractions and violations of the school rules and regulations and ensures due process in the implementation of such. The Prefects of Discipline keep all records of students for confidentiality purposes; and in cases of major violations, a Grievance Committee is consulted before any sanction is imposed.


This service provides assistance in terms of housing accommodation of students. There are dormitory matrons who strictly monitor students’ behavior. Likewise, dormitory cleanliness is observed to ascertain a safe and conducive environment. Rules and regulations are established to facilitate any dormitory activity such as programs, orientation, residential counseling, socialization, supervised study time, and familiarization tours.

A Boarding Home Owners and Managers Association (BHOMA) is created to ensure that boarding houses (those not operated by the School) where students are lodged meet the required standard and are accredited by the School.


This service pertains to the mobility of the students in and out of campus through the use of school transportation. The school provides the students with coasters and buses for their use during retreats, local tours, Related Learning Experiences (RLE) and other school-related activities.


The School provides for a personal insurance policy to all bona fide students which covers accidental death and dismemberment.

Student Development Programs and Services

These are programs and activities designed for the enhancement and deepening of leadership skills and social responsibility.


This service pertains to the recognition and accreditation of student groups or organizations. Certain guidelines and requirements are imposed in the accreditation and in the renewal of membership as a recognized club or organization of the School. The Coordinator of Student Activities has set a standard system of supervising, monitoring and evaluating student groups and their activities to ascertain that any activity planned by the organization is properly and legally conducted.


To develop the capacity of the students for future responsibility and leadership, numerous leadership seminars are conducted by the School to render assistance to students to become an effective and productive component of the school and the community.


This is a recognition of the right of the students to govern themselves and to be represented in appropriate student councils. The president of the Student Council is an automatic member of the Grievance Committee and the curriculum review team of the school.


The student publication recognizes the right to free and responsible expression of students. The Quill, the official publication of the school, is being published at least twice in every academic year, to inform students and employees of important events that have transpired and to provide an avenue for students to express their ideas and views on issues that are of political, social, and educational relevance.


This service is provided to students for them to be given the opportunities for physical fitness and recreational activities for the upliftment and enhancement of their skills and abilities towards a holistic development.


This activity is provided to give the students the opportunity and appreciation of culture and the arts. It encourages participation of students to join in any musical, cultural and theatrical endeavors for their exposure and recognition.


The constitutional right of the students to exercise freely their religion is respected. This paved the way to the creation of campus ministry which sponsor monthly masses and the accreditation of clubs and organization by the Office of the Student Services which aim to help students pursue a God-centered lifestyle.


Reaching out to the poor and disadvantaged individuals, families, and communities, has been a pledge of the school as a way of recognizing its love of the community and of the nation. In coordination with several government and non-government units and agencies, the school serves the needs of the target beneficiaries and partner-communities.