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Discovery Weekend

This is a 2 ½-day self awareness program for freshmen conducted at MCNP-ISAP Friendship Camp in  Cabbo, Peńablanca, Cagayan. This retreat is focused on the “Self Vision” with the theme: “Self Awareness – Strengthening the Foundation of the Future”. In essence, this is a growth session aimed at providing students with prayerful weekends and input.  The quiet, peaceful and reflective environment helps students examine themselves and give stronger support for them to face the future with more confidence and assurance of better success.

Friendship Camp

This special program intended for the second year students aims to awaken the spirit of cooperation, healthy communication, commitment, responsibility and leadership. This is a continuing program of the Discovery Weekend in order to maintain the students’ sense of well-being through their interactions with others. The main idea is to leave to the classroom those subjects which can be best taught there and take to the campsite the things which can be better understood in an actual setting.

Camp of Colors

The Camp of Colors is a 3-days & 2-nights program for 3rd year students of ISAP designed to help them face challenging life situations every day.  It is geared on the following objectives: to realize that the world and man are two inseparable realities, to understand man as a value, to live a life of human-relatedness with others, to practice love for fellowmen as the ultimate criterion to human relations, to understand death as inevitable reality in the life of man, to establish proper attitude about the issue of death and to understand that God is the source of true happiness.

Success Plus Seminar

A special send-off orientation cum leadership seminar of the candidates for graduation where they are being prepared to face the world on their own as adult professionals ready for the challenges that lie ahead.  This activity aims at empowering students to pursue a career path that will put them on the right track and will help them make the first step towards ensuring individual successes.

Advisorship Program

The Advisorship Program is an integrated student program for all students from first year to fourth year. It is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills in self-understanding and management, personality development, building healthy relationships, crisis management, career planning and the formation of character that is grounded on sound personal values. This is conducted  for an hour once a week depending on the availability of students and their advisers.

Gender and Development Program

Gender and Development is a program which promotes gender equality, thus; removing explicit, implicit, actual and potential gender biases, emphasizes fairness and equity, and demands that everyone in society, whether male or female has the right to the same opportunities to achieve a full and satisfying life.

Adolescent Reproductive Health Program

In furtherance of one of the major components of the UNFPA 5th Country Programme of Assistance – RH Subprogramme, this program aims to provide holistic support and opportunities for young people and attempts to meet their needs by building their own capabilities, assisting them to cultivate their own talents and increasing their self-worth, and easing their transition to adulthood.